• Custom solutions that fit seamlessly with your operations.
  • Remote Helpdesk Support - Quick and effective customer support and increase customer satisfaction due to quick response time.
  • Create a unique identity on the web with your own domain name.

Software installation

Is your organization preparing a software rollout? Do you need assistance deploying and configuring software on multiple systems across your company?

DES's Software Installation service makes the process hassle-free. We can assist with installation and configuration of new, off-the-shelf software programs including productivity solutions, utilities, operating systems, antivirus and security programs and many others. We can help you maximize your software investment by deploying the software licenses you have purchased and configure systems to optimize efficiency.

The DES Solution

IT departments are stretched thin. Technology costs are unpredictable. The design, implementation and protection of your new technology demands expertise and time that many in-house IT professionals simply don't have. Our Onsite Installation services can help - and that help comes right to your door.

Our highly-certified specialists will help you get the most out of your technology by providing expert solutions that meet your unique needs with minimal disruption of business operations.

How DES software installation service benefits you

  • Determine computer compatibility for, install/repair and configuration of software.
  • Perform necessary software updates.
  • Create desktop, start menu and quick launch bar access shortcuts.