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Operating System Migration

Underlying the myriad innovations that continue to permeate all avenues of business is the platform on which your client infrastructure resides. The simple fact is, most businesses rely on a Windows-based client. The fundamental problem with this heavy reliance on a single operating system (OS) is that businesses are being forced to keep up with Microsoft technologies. As new operating systems with more robust features continue to reach the market, businesses will inevitably be forced to migrate their client systems (as well as their applications) to remain within Microsoft's support window.

DES is acompany that understands the inevitability of technological change with respect to client infrastructure and is prepared to service our clients with the processes that will keep them competitive.

The two main offerings DES provide are -

OS Migration: As client OS systems change, businesses will have to migrate from older systems to newer ones. This may or may not require new hardware. DES has leading-edge experience on creating processes that will assist in migrations that involve acquisition of new hardware and maintenance of existing hardware.

Our migration process is designed to preserve the existing state of your Windows-based client and transition that same "look-and-feel" to your new system in an automated process developed to minimize the end-user downtime and training. DES can achieve this through custom-tailored scripting and native Windows capabilities that eliminate the need for large, expensive software solutions.

Custom Imaging: Sometimes organizations with in large companies have very specific needs with respect to their client infrastructure. DES can provide highly customized images to facilitate virtually any need you may have. Whether you need a locked-down kiosk system, a Windows Embedded thin client or a shared computer system that you need to integrate within your existing client infrastructure, we have the solution for you.